3-Day Jordan Travel (Day 3)

People forget years but they remember moments. -Ann Beattie

DAY 3 (March 25)

We opted to tour around Aqaba city for our last day trip. We found a much lesser rate with new-found friends. We were able to take time during the breakfast and started the city tour midday. 

Anciently called as Ayla, Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan. It is situated in the southernmost part of the country with vibrant trade and tourism sectors. Not much hectic of a day, we visited the port museum, the shops and the Red Sea

It was amazing how I came to realize the distance the Israelites covered from Egypt. I could imagine how they crossed the sea and managed to travel for four decades to reach the Promise Land. It was never easy but it was made possible. 


This trip might be short but the experiences we had would surely take longer than our memories could carry. When I thought there were not much of sights to see in this country, Jordan has offered us heck-of-a-lifetime reflections and gratitude to our Almighty Father.

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me. -Psalm 139

These costs might be of help (per person):

  • Flight tickets/Transfers/4-star hotel (Package) – 1,081.50 AED
  • Day 1 Private tour (Private car) – 570 AED
    • Entrance fee to Mount Nebo – 11 AED
    • Entrance to Baptism site with bus – 78 AED
    • Dead Sea Entrance with food – 155 AED
    • Dead Sea mud mask – 26 AED
  • Day 2 Private Tour (All-inclusive of entrance fees, food and jeep tour) – 673 AED
  • Petra horse ride tip – 26 AED
  • Donkey ride – 104 AED
  • Day 3 Private Tour – 78 AED
  • Souvenirs and others – 550 AED 

TOTAL: 3,352.50 AED approx. 

Note: Prices above (except for ticket package) have been converted; hence, amounts may not be precise. 

For some recommendations:

  • Travel in groups. The more, the cheaper, the better!
  • Ask friends who have gone to Jordan for cheaper rates and referrals.
  • Summertime won’t be fun! It’s boiling hot there (so I’ve heard)
  • Make the most of your travel. Try and learn! Life is short!
  • Travel now! You never know what’s in there until you see it yourself.

Feel free to comment or drop a DM! I would love to help you with all I can. Till next travel, XOXO! 

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