The Findians Honeymoon: Armenia Winter Travel

Happily ever after had started! We, The Findians (Filipino-Indian couple) are finally married! After two weeks of family bonding in Dubai, we were so thrilled to have our Honeymoon trip to Armenia!

Armenia is located in the South Caucasus, bordered by Georgia from the north, Iran from the south, Artsakh from the east, Azerbaijan from the north-east and south-west, and Turkey from the west.

Temple of Garni

It was a great time to visit the country since it was winter time. We wanted to experience snow, hence this choice. It was relatively cheap but surprisingly fun! Armenia is underrated, it has a lot of places to visit even after the daily tours. It houses the relics of olden centuries yet showcases the contemporary spots for sightseeing, dining and shopping.


DAY 1 – December 31, 2018

  • Temple of Garni
  • Geghard
  • Highlight: Tsakadzor Ski Resort – Literally means “Canyon of Flowers”, this picturesque ski resort boasts the thrill of ski touring, snowboarding and snowmobiling. It also has sleigh rides, zipline, and more!
  • Sevanavank
  • Lake Sevan
Behind Geghard monastery is a sight to behold
Tsakadzor Ski Resort
Overlooking Lake Sevan

DAY 2 – January 01, 2019

  • Khor Virap
  • Noravank 
  • Areni Winery 🥺 – I was so excited about this place but got disappointed when it was closed.
  • Jermuk
Khor Virap

DAY 3 – January 02, 2019

  • Ohanavank Monastery Hovhannavank is a medieval monastery located in the village of Ohanavank
  • Saghmosavank Monastery (Monastery of the Psalms)
  • Armenian Alphabet
Armenian Alphabet

DAY 4 – January 04, 2019

  • Armenian Museum of Art
  • Vernissage Market
Vernissage Market
Republic Square

Our trip was not complete without trying on Armenian food. We’ve heard about how fresh their pork is, so a little indulgence wouldn’t hurt. Also, their kebabs are REALLY tasty, they were juicy in the inside and they bursted with flavours.

Beside the fact that it was our honeymoon, the trip had loads of memories since we both celebrated New Year abroad for the first time – I mean somewhere outside our residence country. It was snowing while we waited for midnight, there was a concert at the Republic Square and everyone was just dancing and having fun. It was surreal and ecstatic! It was our 2nd year anniversary, too!

1. When going on winter season, make sure to bring winter jackets and thick clothes. For people like me who lives in a dessert, wearing three layers was still chilling.

2. Shoes and gloves should be waterproof. When the ice melts, it freezes your hands. Perhaps, two pairs of gloves would suffice in case the other pair gets wet.

3. It is not advisable to go on holidays. Most of the tour places, restaurants and shops are closed. We had to walk through blocks to find restaurants, some of them needed reservations while some were packed. It is likewise limited when going there on winter; snow gets really high that some places weren’t safe to reach.

4. Armenia has lots of places to see. Stay around the city if possible. The streets come alive at night and even when you lose yourself strolling, you’ll end up somewhere classic, historical and beautiful.

5. While we had our trip from Holiday Factory (which included airport transfers), two guys met us directly at the airport saying they were from Holiday Factory. One took us to the hotel asking for a “Tourist Toll fee” refundable by the hotel manager. We paid 500% more than the actual fare, which was even supposed to be inclusive of the package. When you have transfers already, don’t be fooled with those guys. Know your driver beforehand and make sure you are going with the right person.

Special thanks to Trek ‘n Trip Armenia through our driver, Martin. The whole tour was private, smooth and comfortable. It has a good value of money, as well.

When given the chance, I would definitely go back to Armenia. It is worth my memory bank.

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