5 Things To Do at Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is EMAAR’s new flagship, a 3.65-billion waterfront suburb with residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. Part of this project is the Dubai Creek Tower which is planned to be the world’s tallest building at 928m.

Going there is a bit confusing as the area is not yet fully developed. Click here for the exact parking location or this – https://goo.gl/maps/H2wWexNFHydNH68w8

When you’re thinking on where to go this weekend, this place is worth a try. Here are why:

It is a waterfront.
The Creek Marina promenade is buzzing with an array of dining and leisure spots and lush manicured pedestrian sidewalks with spectacular views of Downtown Dubai and the Dubai skyline. Whether you are strolling or sitting on viewing decks, the views of the waters, marinas, and beyond are just impeccable.

It is ideal for families and kids.
The little kiddos have their fun places while the parents adore the views. Solid rubber surfaces floored the playground and culturally-designed play area scatter along the paved seafront.

There are plenty of IG-worthy spots.
And nature, too! I love that even with its contemporary grandeur, greeneries adds life to its glorious panoramic views.

It an avenue of retail and fun.
The area is developing and before we know it, a buzzing community shall soon be packed with retail shops and dining areas. Right now, you can lounge over cafes and fast food or simply enjoy your gelato as you stroll or deck onto the harbour.

The sunset is unparalleled.
The best time to go there is on the evening (a little early perhaps as it gets packed after sundown). The stroll is wrapped with a tranquil and gorgeous sun, setting behind the picturesque backdrop of the Dubai skyline.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a blend of nature, creativity, and innovation. No wonder, it is the “Future of Living”. The world-class community defines the contemporary lifestyle amidst flourishing frontier and thriving cosmopolitan destination.

Published by MM in Dubai

MM in Dubai is a SPED teacher by profession. She is also a Content Writer and Blogger based in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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