7-Year Anniversary in Dubai

My ex boyfriend of nearly five years flew overseas and three days after he landed, I was ghosted (no better word to put it up). I was beyond heartbroken that I gathered all strength to fly after him. I was crestfallen. After a year of saving and waiting, I landed in Sandland, in search of answers and of myself.

As silly as it may sound, that was the main reason why I came here in Dubai.

Besides the chase, my coming is an escape I longed to do. I was then a SPED teacher and working in a government school was not my preference. I got into it after the insistence of my late father who wanted me to work in our hometown. He opposed the notion of me working abroad and thought that I was already in a secured track and a promising fate was believably coming. I was however dead set, I saved a year of my salary and flew. That time, it was my only choice and the rest of my future shall follow.

That all happened exactly seven years ago – 14th of April 2014.

Circa 2015 at The Dubai Mall

Here I am now seven years later, looking back at that crossroad and courage of coming cluelessly. I am just glad that I don’t regret anything. That was my first decision and the best I have ever made.

I later realized that such decision was crucial. Had it happened differently, my life now is completely on the opposite pole. Through these years, I have learned 7 things:

Decide and take responsibility of the consequences.
My parents (and most parents) are naturally protective and their intentions are nothing but purely for the good. However I want to stay protected, there really came a time that I needed to step back and decided for myself. Those decisions may seem right or not but after all, those made me mature, responsible, and learned more than when I had been in my comfort zones.

There are no shortcuts.
There are no fast tracks. And sometimes, God allows detours because process matters more. The detours in life shaped my character, my thoughts, my decision-making skills. Had I gotten everything fast and smooth, I wouldn’t be as wise and smart as now. There will be more detours ahead, I know and then, I shall enjoy the ride.

Never give up.
It is an understatement. Never give up on your dreams.
Dubai has made my dreams come true even how impossible they may seem at first. It doesn’t mean it’s hard it’s wrong. It just means that you should push and try harder and make things happen rather than fully resting on what is meant to be.

There is always a solution.
And the solution is never complaining.

Work hard-ER. You are more and you are better than you think!

Trust in the process.
It may not be easy, it may take time. Just go through what you have to go through and emerge as a better version of your self.

And everything happens for a reason.

Had I stayed back, I would have been miserably dependent and regretful. Had I not decided to come, I would have not met my husband and the people I know here. Had I settled with what was predictable, I would have not grown and learned a lot more than my education had taught me about.

Seven years and I am exactly where I want to be.

Published by MM in Dubai

MM in Dubai is a SPED teacher by profession. She is also a Content Writer and Blogger based in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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