Marriage Reflection Number 2/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)

I was battling with my thoughts on whether to share these reflections or not. In the past few years, I have held my horses to my self and to my closest people. I have been carefully thinking about my posts before putting them up online. Before opening up, I have been striving to think about the purpose of it – Is it helpful? Is it positive? Is it for the good? It’s often too tempting but in this case, these reflections tick the boxes.

While reflection 1 sounded so simple, the second point may not be as easy.

Number 2 reflection is – Keep your married life private.

My married life is not a secret. I post and express on special occasions, post the places we go, some parts of our house that I’m so inspired and excited about, or some random bits of love and fun. But I will never post intimate conversations, fights, family affairs, and other things that may cause harm or invite evil eyes.

There is beauty in privacy. When I started to be conscious with my postings, my inner thoughts have also transformed. I started following people that add value to my life, I followed accounts that shower me inspiration, ideas, and knowledge. I eventually stopped trolling, stalking, and bashing (yes, I did!). I started to care less of what might people say and care more of what I truly want and who I truly am. I stopped viewing social media as platforms of envy and began seeing them as platforms of endless possibilities and opportunities. I eventually posted for positive self-expression and with this conscious and purposeful habit, I noticed how limited my social media life has become and my real life becoming full.

In today’s breach and privacy giveaways, most people tend to feel pressured over what others have on screen especially relationships, weddings, and marriages, without fully and deeply understanding its depth, meaning, and purpose.
– Instead of having relationships for the purpose of marriage, teens get into it for the trend and peer pressure.
– Instead of planning a family based on your culture, background, faith, and finances, couples stretch their selves to live up to themed prenups and weddings (we don’t even look at these pictures after a month!)
– Instead of going out to eat, we go out to post.
– Instead of enjoying our loved ones’ company, we take a lot of photos (and post).
– Instead of genuine talking and calling, we post and comment (we do not even message the person directly).

There is a thin line between “I feel lonely I need to post that I’m here enjoying at the beach” and “I’m enjoying here at the beach and I will post this moment”. (I can’t think of any example, I’m not in any way pertaining to anyone.)

Nothing may be wrong with these practices but real life situations can go wrong because of these. We live up for the screen forgetting life is real without it.

Let’s look back at the time when couple fights were dealt with behind closed doors, when couple’s parents and trusted friends were the only ones who gave genuine concern and healing words. Conflicts, if not all, were resolved faster and better. Not everything deserves a post. Not everyone should know the story.

The most valuable items in shops are kept secured in boxes and bolted access. The most expensive brands hire the finest security. On the other hand, the things that hold less value (or no value at all) are left accessible and sometimes, they’re given away for free. They are usually thrown open at shelves where anyone can check, grab, or return.

Relationships are treasures. And treasures are valuable! Priceless, even.

We protect our treasures. We keep them with ourselves. We don’t leave them open for others to binge out.

Keep it low, you’ll see how high your relationships go.

No secrecy, just privacy.

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Published by MM in Dubai

MM in Dubai is a SPED teacher by profession. She is also a Content Writer and Blogger based in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

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