Marriage Reflection Number 3/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)

My reflections and realizations about the news are endless. But I’ll sum them up into 3 and the last point is – PURSUE. Of all the other points I wish to share, I’m choosing this because of what I saw in one of Jason’s post (which is now deleted) where he mentioned that Moira didContinue reading “Marriage Reflection Number 3/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)”

Marriage Reflection Number 2/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)

I was battling with my thoughts on whether to share these reflections or not. In the past few years, I have held my horses to my self and to my closest people. I have been carefully thinking about my posts before putting them up online. Before opening up, I have been striving to think aboutContinue reading “Marriage Reflection Number 2/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)”

Marriage Reflection Number 1/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)

The entire Philippines was shook and shattered by the news of Jason and Moira Hernandez’s breakup. The couple was known for their godly marriage and stories of defeat and victory and while so many of us have been inspired by their lives and testimonies, the separation of the couple is one big thing we allContinue reading “Marriage Reflection Number 1/3 (Triggered by Jason-Moira Breakup)”